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The podcasts 

Beginning in 2017

The podcast will follow the chronology of the Anglo-Boer War, while I will also update social, medical, technical and other details on the way.

I'm planning to introduce more stories from the people who fought or were affected by the conflict.  Deneys Reitz, Christian de Wet, Winston Churchill, Louis Botha, Jan Smuts and a host of others wrote journals during the war which were used to turn into books after 1902. 

Furthermore, we have Sarah Wilson who was the first ever female war correspondent anywhere in the world, and Sol Plaatjie who was a journalist and founder of the African National Congress who worked as a translator during the Anglo-Boer War. 

There are may reasons to take an interest in this conflict, not least because another massive world leader, Mahatma Gandhi, was a stretcher bearer.  The war had a major impact on his view of the British and his own country's future. 

Sarah Wilson - first female war correspondent


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